Monday, January 4, 2010

Yankee Candle Gift Basket Yankee Candle As A Bridal Shower Gift?

Yankee Candle as a bridal shower gift? - yankee candle gift basket

I thought a large glass Yankee (22 ounces) as a bridal shower gift - it is tasteless or should I be something else to think? I personally love candles, and I know that they are the same. But I'm not sure whether to give this as a shower.
She lives with her boyfriend for some time, so that they have already set up at home. She is the wife, the nails do not like - I put a lot of things together (in store), but otherwise we do not save all socialize together.
What do you think? Thank you!


Mrs♥B said...

I think it's a great idea! You said you love candles, why not? Nice wrap and insert a card. Maybe you can use one of those things that they sell Topper screen to go with him if he wants to give a little more.

I love my love said...

I mean, or sail, too, but only certain flavors you know? I guess when you give people a choice of 2 or 3 scents the shower, a good idea. If you do not like the choices you can make or re-gift to a specific point on the road. But the collection of flavors such as vanilla, and others who enjoy the most people, while stinking mad.

Dannette F said...

Yes, ... this would be a great gift ... try to get to a size of some of the other in different directions, and! You might be able to bring to the table, where she works!
I know what I mean love candles, ... I live in Gold Canyon, and my absolute favorite is pomagranite and sweet pea ... To donate just a little!

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